Pakistan and its sinister designs – Nitin Saxena

New Delhi:  Pakistan has always been blaming the Indian external  intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)  for sabotaging its holy ventures whether it was in trade with China, or peace talks with Taliban.  But from 1948 onwards after the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) was formed by Lt Col. Shahid Hamid who was in the British Indian army before he migrated to Pakistan in 1947, Pakistan has been waging a proxy war in India.

Reports are aplenty of the Pakistan faithfuls who have often claimed that they would not allow any non-Pakistan in their country.  All non-muslims were seem to be their enemies.  The undertone of the militant groups endorsing the vision of seeing Pakistan as an ideal Islamic State is basically the narrative of the political leaders who have repeatedly instigated the militant terrorist group sheltered under their wings to organize a slanderous campaign against India.

The latest disinformation spread by Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf  through WhatsApp and Facebook, intelligences sources said here, was backed by Prime Minister Imran Khan.  The Tehreek-e-Insaf whose chairperson is Imran Khan himself, has a single-object in mind – to destabilize India. This time it whipped violent passions against the Indian muslims who fanatically raided and damaged the Hindu property in East Delhi in February this year.  The riots left 44 people dead and several injured with over Rs 5 crore property damaged.

It may be recalled that a  riot had taken place near Shiv Vihar Tiraha on February 24 in east Delhi in  which one  Mohammad Shahnawaz and several other persons pelted stones, ransacked and torched several shops there. Shahnawaz was identified as the main aggressor and was arrested by the police.

In his confession to the police he pleaded guilty and also disclosed that there were hundreds of tweets that led him to believe that the government was planning to  oust muslims from India in the name of National Population Register.

Sources said that hundreds of  fake accounts had been opened  through which the ‘operation’ disharmony was initiated. As many as over 18, 000 items provoking the muslims to stage a war against the CAA was launched. The sit-in by muslim women was a supplementary to this operation.  Hindus were planning to push the muslims into a corner through the national register of population

The sit-in at Shaheen bagh continued with protestors hogging the headlines of media, both national and international.  The ‘Indian capital is burning’ were attractive headlines to pitch the profiles of Mariyam Khan and others later in the international press which spun a picture of utter discontent of all Indians towards the CAA. The community of intellectuals through their interviews gave teeth to the anti-CAA campaign.

While this was going, the Intelligence sleuths were busy in digging out the details of the funds coming to Shaheen Bagh  when they stumbled over the name of Open Societies Foundation, run by a billionaire-cum-self=styled  anti-Trump leader George Soros. As soon as the programme of American President Donald Trump’s India visit was announced, the sleuths came to know that Karwan-e-Mohabbat, an NGO was secretly funding the protestors and Harsh Mander, its leading man, came under the police scanner of ‘inciting’ the anti-CAA protestors to take on the streets from 24th February, the arrival date of Donald Trump in Delhi.

Intelligence sources said that the police felt that Tehreek e Insaf, Open Societies Foundation, Karwan e Mohabbat were interwoven and had a common aim to flare up communal disharmony in the name of anti-CAA protest and incite people against the two communities which resulted in loot and arson.

Home Minister Amit Shah said that the Delhi riots were planned but did not disclose the names of the agent provocateurs but now it has been evidenced that it was Pakistan that had the backing of its Prime Minister.

The planning was almost like what Haraktual Mujahidin, an earstwhile  militant terrorist group, used to do. Pakistan has always been either disbanding its terrorist groups to form another one which they think would be better in covert activities not only in Kashmir but pan India.

The cyber police here is also monitoring the new tweet handles that are emerging these days for they suspect that many among them could  be the terrorist backed accounts that would again be active to spread misinformation on the economic and political scenario of India.

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Nitin Saxena
Nitin Saxena is a Senior Journalist who dabbled into Films and Academics before coming back to Journalim as a Columnist and Communication consultant

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